Let’s give new dimension to a healthy living...

Driving in the fast lane of modern living often takes a heavy toll on your health. The pressure of delivering professionally takes precedence over basic dos like eating on time, having sufficient sleep and spending time on physical fitness. Our chain of AURA THAI SPA has been a leading provider of the world-class spa and wellness services.
The claimed benefits of Thai massage are many, including relief from multiple ailments ranging from asthma and migraines to sprains, bruises, and anxiety. Further benefits include relief of physical and emotional stress, ameliorated sleep, improved flexibility, a greater awareness of body and mind, and a release of blocked energy.
After gaining popularity in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Thailand, AURA is all set to become the most sought-after spa treatment centre in India. We have already made an exciting beginning by launching 16 spas in Mumbai. We are all set to open a massive network of 300 spas in India by 2015 and plan to launch 50 outlets within this year and are targeting the various metro cities in the country. in all the major cities of Maharashtra.